A New Year A New You

Happy New Year and welcome to our first post of 2011!! Its a new year which means a NEW YOU!

Fabulous You’re It is the F.Y.I on becoming the new you. We are K.Marie and Dani C. and we are excited about sharing daily posts on our personal style, beauty and fitness tips.

Every  year there are a long list of resolutions being uttered out of everyone’s mouth including us. But this  year, well technically we started preparing last year by doing something different-We prepared our minds ahead of time, we wrote the vision and made it plain for what we wanted to accomplish in 2011. Here are our goals for the upcoming year:


Goal 1: I want to look and feel my best everyday. I want to look polished with my hair, makeup and what I am wearing. I want to be fabulous everyday this year. Last year I got away from wearing makeup everyday–well I would say eyeshadow. I want to get back to that!

Goal 2: Health and Fitness: I want to eat the proper foods and exercise more. I ended 2010 on a health tip and I want to continue down that path of weight loss and being my best all around! And after taking pictures and seeing the results—I gasped “Is that me?” You get my point!

Dani C.:

Goal 1: Man oh man…2010 was a tough year for me, with becoming a mom and going back to work.  I felt as if I lost what makes Dani C. who she is, that is my confidence in knowing who I am as a person.  I made a promise to myself  to find me again in 2011.  I have set a goal to truly reinvent myself from inside out, that means getting back to doing the things I love to do such as reading, spa days, shopping, styling, etc.  All the things I did to enjoy life before I had a family, after all  how can I be a fabulous mom and woman if I don’t take care of Dani C. first? 

Goal 2: My goal is to be fabulously fit, that means changing my diet and getting back into a fitness routine of exercising 4- 6 days a week.  I started on my fitness goals a few weeks ago by doing P90x.  For those of you who have never heard of P90x , I suggest you check it out, its not for the faintest of hearts.  I am on week 5 and I have to keep telling myself I am well on my way to meeting my fitness goals.  I also started on the right track by eating organic fruits and veggies, but for 2011 I want to cut out the processed foods all together.  If I can just stay away from the cookies, donuts and cakes…they are EVIL!!  Besides I have a one year old that I need to be in shape to run after!!!

Well lovely’s thanks for joining us this fine day!! Again we are so excited about Fabulous You’re It. Check out our New Year’s photos. And yes today is K.Marie’s Birthday and tomorrow we will post photos from her fabulous “Brunch in Dresses” at Eatonville Restaurant!

Dani C. Look: Sweater - Thrifted; Skirt - Thrifted; Tights - Target; Shoes - Shoedazzle

K.Marie’s Look: Dress-Kensie; Tights: Torrid; Shoes-Steve Madden
Makeup: Kat Von D-Metal Orchestra;Loreal HIP-Arresting; Blush-NARS-Orgasm

Make-Up: Kat Von D Eyeshadow-Metal Orchestra; Loreal HIP Lipgloss-Arresting; Blush-NARS Orgasm


So fabulous ladies tell us what some of your goals are for the new year!?!?!
Dani C. & K. Marie

17 thoughts on “A New Year A New You

  1. You go, Girls!!! I’m so with you on this endeavor. I was at the gym this morning (thanks to The Lord) at 5:55 a.m. I do feel better when I get up (after God called me for almost two hours) and get the exercise in for the day. I too want to be my BEST me. Thanks for the goals and the blogs. I am so very proud of you both. Can’t wait to meet Karen’s cohort. Love, PK

  2. Happy new year and congratulations! I’m so excited for this blog! I spent 2010 taking care of my sick parents, mourning my mom’s death and being choked with only huge decisions and taking care of everyone else but me. My new years resolution is to take care of ME and MY happiness. Even if its just for 5 minutes a day. This blog will help with the fashion and style part of me. Thanks for helping my resolution and good luck!

  3. Cuzzo (dad side) and Cuzzo (mom side)

    I am sooooo proud of you guys! I know that God is gonna bless you abundantly! I am looking forward to supporting and contributing to your great success!! Love you!


  4. Cuzzo (dad side) and Cuzzo ( mom side)

    I am soooo proud of you guys!!! I know that God is gonna bless you abundantly! looking forward in supporting and contributing to your great success. love you


  5. Ladies,

    Thank you for the well wishes and we hope you truly enjoy the blog! We have a lot of great things coming up so stay tuned!

    Fabulously Yours,

    Dani C.

  6. Happy New Year! Loving this concept. Much success to the both of you and the endless possibilities that are ahead. Glad to see my sistahs fulfilling their dreams. All the best! — Lisa

  7. OMG…..i love the blog!!! You dolls like fabulous and i am looking forward to more and more post on your blog…im excited!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Brenda Love, So glad you like the blog! We are just as excited as you are! We post Monday-Friday so be sure to sign up! We will have giveaways and fun challenges! So spread the word! Muah!

    • Thanks Mommy! And we can’t wait to do your makeover as well. We are so excited about creating a Fabulous look for you for 2011. Again thanks for the support!!

      • I will be copying some of the fashion ideas and checking out going to the thrift stores and putting different colors together. Keeping it fabulous me.

      • Yes indeed!! We will be in your closet very soon!! I cant wait—fun times to be had!!

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