K.Marie’s “Brunch In Dresses”

Happy Birthday!
Hello lovelies! As  you all know yesterday was my special day-MY BIRTHDAY!! I started my celebration off at Eatonville Restaurant on 14th St. in Washington, D.C. with “Brunch in Dresses” with my ladies–my lovely lady lumps–check it out!! Okay that was funny and corny at the same time!!
But I loved it……..moving on!
It took some time determining what to wear to “Brunch and Dresses.”
Check out our journey:
I wanted to wear a dress, a cute vintage type dress so of course I went to the thrift store. However since I waited until the last-minute I couldn’t find a thing in my size (which will soon be a story of K. Marie’s past).  I purchased several random items such as skirts and shirts in hopes of it working out some how! When I got home I changed my clothes over and over again (Dani C. thought I was crazy she literally sat there for 20 minutes watching me go through outfit after outfit) and can I tell you nothing worked! I went to bed that night feeling defeated and had no idea what I was going to wear. The next day I woke up and went to Ross and bought two dresses and when I got home I hated both of them! I have no idea how I decided to wear these items from the thrift store-I guess when in doubt pull out all your black and as Tim Gunn says “Make it work”.
Dani C. please let them know how you snagged that cute Nine West Leopard Bag!!
Let me start by saying that I spotted a thrift store employee across the room with a lovely bag on her shoulder and I nearly ran her down just to take the bag off her hands.  I said to K.Marie “I will be back, I see something.” I was all too ecstatic to learn the bag was only $5.  I just knew it was a must have at that point, I have been searching far and wide for a leopard bag.  Of course it is much smaller than what I am used too, however I just knew it would be a great bag for dinner dates and outings with the ladies.  And did I say it was only $5, you can’t beat that price.  The lace dress was another great find in the thrift store.  It was the first dress I came across when I entered the store and I just knew it was perfect for Brunch in Dresses.  It has such a feminine vibe and as soon as I put it on I felt like such a lady.  It’s not that I don’t feel like a lady on any other day, however we all have that one article of clothing in our closet that makes us feel good as soon as we put it on.    And this dress accomplished just that for me!!    

Check out our photos below!


Dani C. just had to take a photo of our waitress, she loved her headband and earrings so much.


Dont we all look so lovely!

The Shrimp & Grits and Oatmeal Pecan Pie was AWESOME!!!
K.Marie’s Look:Blouse-Thrfited; Skirt -Thrifted; Jacket -Target; Shoes -Shoedazzle; Tights -Torrid; Belt -?

Dani C.'s Look: Dress - Thrifted; Tights - Target; Shoes - Shoedazzle; Belt - Thrifted; Bag - Thrifted

Dani C. & K.Marie looking fabulous! We did not plan to dress alike but as you can see great minds think alike! 

Well my lovelies we leave you with a line from Zora herself:

Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it.

We got it, do you?


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