Style: A Creative Process

 For years I have always wondered how some individuals can make putting together a stylish outfit seem so effortless while others seem to struggle with it.   Well I fell in the latter category, I struggled to find my own style at times  and I often felt as if I failed miserably at putting together a great outfit. Over the last few months, I truly realized that creating a personal style all your own is a process that takes some planning.  Some of the greatest fashion designers and stylists don’t just put together a great collection in a day; it takes some effort and planning. 

Remember the cliché yet true statement: “Rome wasn’t built-in a day” .    With that let the planning begin!!!  Take your time, take inventory of what you have in your closet, have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns.  Play dress up some time, try different outfits on to see how  they work together.  And if it helps write down your outfit ideas.  I can attest it truly works, I use my trustie Stylit (purchased through B. Jones Style at which is GREAT.  I find it to be so much fun and less of a tedious task to create stylish outfits. 

So what are you all doing to create a style all your own?  Do you plan outfits for the week, day in advance or do you just pull stuff out the closet based on  how you feel that day?

 Who knows there may be a chance to win your very own Stylit.  Stay tuned….

Check out photos of our creative process:

As you can see K.Marie mixed color with a leopard skirt!

K.Marie's Look: Black Jacket & Yellow Shirt-Old Navy;Skirt-Newport News; Belt-Torrid; Tights-Target Dani C.'s Look: Blazer - Converse Target; Top - Target; Pants - Jessica Simpson; Boots - Jessica Simpson; Scarf - ?

With neutral colors I love to throw a pop of color into the mix.  And with winter being so darky and dreary it is nice to add a little color to liven up the day.

Dani C.'s Look: Blazer - Converse Target; Top - Target; Pants - Jessica Simpson; Boots - Jessica Simpson; Scarf - ?

I wanted to give my rugged cargo pants and boots  a more feminine look so I paired them with a winter white lace blouse and  blazer.  And I love how the combination came together.  Anyone who knows me cantell you I almost always wear a scarf around my neck if I have on neutral colors.   I really am into bright colors as you can see….   

I am loving these boots.  They were a Christmas present from my man and they are the MOST comfortable boots I have received  in quite some time.  Not to mention they are HOTT!! 

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

6 thoughts on “Style: A Creative Process

      • Hi Patricia, I didn’t even realize this was the case! But your right we both had on yellow. And I know your know how to work the color green!!

    • Thanks Dee for your comment! This weekend we will show you how to mix color in your wardrobe and in your daily makeup application!

  1. Great looks. Your ideas are on point! Question: As a late thirty-something mommy of 2, how would you suggest I incorporate style with comfort so I’m not looking so “mommy-ish”, but still age appropriate?

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment and thats an excellent question to ask. Without really knowing your personal style and what you have in your closet, the easiest way to be more stylish as a mother of two is to incorporate more accessories into your wardrobe, a great pair of shoes and or a stylish bag will immediatly make you look more polished and stylish! A statement necklace can take your outfit from day to night instantly. If your interested we would love to do a Fabulous Monday Makeover with you, email us at and we can set something up.

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