Fabulous Monday Makeover – Professional Confidence

   Today we are so excited to present our first Fabulous Monday Makeover of the year with our favorite cousin Dolores! She is such a wonderful mother and friend to many, therefore we wanted to show her how to remix and revamp her wardrobe as a busy woman on the go and become a Fabulous Gal for 2011!

Let me start by saying Dolores was such a pleasure to work with! I could sense a little apprehension in the beginning but by the end of our session she was so EXCITED about the looks we put together for her. To start I wanted her to pick out an outfit that she would normally wear to work or on the weekend so I could assess her style.   One thing I realized is that before her closet wasn’t organizaed in a way that she could easily choose an outfit.  We rearranged her closet to make choosing an outfit a seamlesss task.  The Before looks are below:





Since her job requires her to portray a professional look I wanted to show Dolores how to accomplish a stylish look by using what she currently has in her closet. We decided to keep the gray and black slacks shown above, however I informed her the pink shirt was not appropriate for work and the striped sweater would be better paired with jeans for a more casual look. 

Upon further assessment it became apperant she was in need of a great casual look as well!  As a mother of one who is constantly on the go, my goal was to show her how you can be comfortable yet stylish while running errands, hanging with friends, etc. 

Check out her After shots: 

Professional Looks –
Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Black Suit Jacket, Black Slacks and a Floral Dress shirt, Red Pumps


Look at how the Apprenhension  has transformed to pure excitement and confidence.  

Navy shirt dress, red pumps,pewter bag


Gray slacks, Purple ruffle shirt, Black Suit Jacket

Pencil Skirt, Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt, Gray/Black Swing Jacket, Red Pumps, Handbag
  Casual Looks –

A nice combination for running errands:  Blue Jeans, Long Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt, Gray Sweater,   Flat Knee High Boots  Below: She changed into high heel booties


Blue Jeans, White Tank, Cream Sweater, Brown Belt, Brown boots and Pewter bag

Blue Jeans,White Tank, Brown Corduroy

By the end of the wardrobe remix, we were able to give Dolores 9 professional and 5 casual looks by mixing and matching what she currently has. I made a few recommendations of items that are a must have for her wardrobe.  However I emphasized these items can be purchased over time, there is no need to go over budget purchasing additional items.  The key is learning to work with you what you have and buying essential pieces when you can. 

Recommedations: Wool Dress Coat, Tan Slacks, Brown Pumps, Additional Tops and Blouses

We had such a great Saturday afternoon, thanks Dolores for being a willing participant!  So tell us what you think of the new Dolores? We love love it and hope you do too!!!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.




14 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover – Professional Confidence

  1. I love it I love it I love it Awwww! Lil’ sister you look very nice!!! Absolutely, beautiful…..

    Danielle and Karen you guys did an awesome job with Dee!!!!

  2. Dolores you look great!! Dani and K.Marie, I would LOVE to see how you all re-organize a closet on the next makeover (“We rearranged her closet to make choosing an outfit a seamlesss task.”) or perhaps to read some suggestions on ways to make this an easier task.

    • Leida,

      That is a very good question! For individuals who work in a professional environment, this top is a very casual t-shirt that is better suited to be paired with jeans for weekend wear. The color is great (I am lover of all things pink), however in order to present a clean polished look in a professional environment you want to stay away from articles of clothing that appear to casual. Besides when sitting in a meeting you want individuals to take you serious and the first thing people notice is your apperance. You don’t want individuals to think that is a top my teenage daughter would wear.

  3. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. My job was truly shocked when I walked in the office looking Fabulous. My boss screamed Dolores come in here, she loved the pencil skirt and black booties. Thanks Danielle and Karen, You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I feel Great.

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