Different day at another location:) – Ladies in Red

 It’s been 2 weeks into Fabulous You’re It and its been fun! However, our challenges aren’t in choosing the right outfit and makeup because everyone that knows us both know that we looooooove getting dolled up! It’s the taking of the pictures that’s cracking us up right now!! Literally! We are not photographers and clearly had no thought of purchasing a tripod until this very moment! You will see photos of us in different locations, different lighting and everything else you can think of right now until we figure this photo thing out! Hang in there, we are still working on getting everything in place!! Whew so glad we got that off our chest. Well check us out today–a different outfit on a different day at a different random location!
   Dani C.’s Look: 
 What a better way to start the work week than with a bright hue of red.  I knew when I put this outfit together some would not appreciate the look.  However I decided in 2011, I wouldn’t worry about what others think of my outfit choices, I am doing what is best for Dani C.  And what was best for me this day was to go bold and  pair red on red.  The outcome was great, I felt like the Lady in Red and it brightened an otherwise dreary day.  Of course the 80’s song by Chris de Burg pops into my head.  Please don’t ask me how I know who the artist is, I have it on my playlist in I-tunes..no really Google is my friend!  I am silently trying to hum the tune but I sure don’t know the words.  Anyway, I digress, back to my outfit.  So how do you all feel about wearing different shades of color together?   



Dress – Issac Mizarahi for Target; Tights – Target; Boots – Shoedazzle; Belt – I heart Ronson for Sears; Jewelry – Local Vendors    

I am trying so hard not to laugh, Karsyn was in the doorway being silly.  I love that little girl SO much!  She enjoyed watching mommy take photos.



  K. Marie’s Look: 

 I have been eyeballing this skirt on ASOS since last year, I was waiting for it to go on sale and of course it never did until after I bought it!! Ladies it is now $15 and some change!! I wasnt sure what I wanted to pair with it until I found this old throw back belt in the back of my closet! I bought it years and years ago from a flea market. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and never got rid of it! I am feeling real Angela Davis today, like I need to pump my fist and as you can see I did! As Dani C. mentioned we are the ladies in red, I am forever in red lipstick and I am in love with my red pumps!!  

 Jacket-thrifted, Tank-Target, Belt-Flea Market, Skirt-ASOS, Tights-JcPenny, Shoes-Shoedazzle 

My Make-Up: Urban Decay-Honey, Kat Von D Lipgloss-Underage, NARS Blush-Orgasm 
  My  lyric of the moment: “The Queen with the nappy hair raising her fist.”
Jill Scott’s “The Fact Is”

 Fabulously Yours,

K.Marie & Dani C.




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