Where the Wild Things Are…….

Roar!! Did you all hear us roar?! (Okay that was corny) As we mentioned last week, leopard is something we both are in love with even before it became such a big trend! It’s okay to pair leopard on leopard as you can see with Dani C.’s belt and turtleneck.  K. Marie on the other hand paired it with gray,  a short mini leopard dress needed something a little suttle!

Check us out!

Dani C.’s Look:

Have you ever had one of those days where you are at a loss for words?  Well today is that day for me.  I am physically and mentally exhausted from a long day and you can see it in my photos.  I love these wide leg pants on me, I have had them for years and they are a  staple piece in my wardrobe.  Not to mention they are extremely comfortable.  We have received several requests to show our bags in the photos so K. Marie and I have decided to start doing just that.  As you can see we definitely listen to the requests of our readers.  

Blazer – Target; Leopard Shirt – Jones New York Thrifted; Pants – Guess; Shoes – Shoedazzle; Bag – Cole Haan




K.Marie’s Look:

I go through moments during the week where I just wear what Iwant to wear! Or like my sister says ” I do what I want to do”. And this is that day. Today I wanted to walk on the wild side and just be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in me!! I bought this dress sometime ago but I cant remember where-I actually took it to a tailor recently to shorten it. Sometimes you can totally change a look by making minor alterations. 

Leopard Dress-IDK, Gray Sleeveless Cardigan-Gifted, Black Tights-JCPenny, Belt-Thrifted, Gray Booties- Target, Jewelry-Gifted



 Fabulously Yours,

K. Marie & Dani C.

P.S. Did you take a walk on the wild this week? If so take a picture, we would love to share your looks sometimes!

3 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are…….

  1. Really enjoyed this and Regina really looked good with her makeover and Jalisa looked just like a professional model and Danielle and Karen you two always look good as well as Delores these posts really can give a person ideas of what you have in your closet that will go good together. But I still need some help.

    • Hey Mama! You know your cute!! I seen your cute walk! I know how you do! But thanks for the support-we love it and need it! We will see you soon—closet invasion is coming your way!! Love ya!

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