Blogalicious-The Movie

The moment that you decide to take a step towards your most desirable dreams God will open up doors and place people in your path to encourage and give you an extra boost.  Well this past Friday Dani C. and I had the opportunity to mingle with other bloggers at a Blogalicious Movie Premiere. Blogalicous is a conference that takes place every year that celebrates diversity in the blogging community and they made a movie that showcased different bloggers and their experience with being apart of Blogalicious.

Before the movie started there was light refreshments and an oportunity to mingle with other bloggers. It was so insightful to learn how to maintain a successful blog and the importance of being consistent regardless of the number of readers you have daily. There were a few there that gained corporate sponsorship and turned blogging into a full-time job! We were able to share F.Y.I. with a few people and get informative and sound advice!

We wanted to share a few of the bloggers we met up with. I encourage you all to read a few of them for insightful information and if you enjoy what you read please sign up to receive their daily posts.

Sista Space

B Intentional

Core Connection Lifestyle

Tech Savvy Mama

Blue Print for Style

Mama Law

Witches  Brew


And shame on me and Dani C.  for not taking pictures of ourselves on Friday night!! We were so caught up in the moment and trying to soak up everything we didn’t realize until after the night was over that we hadn’t taken one picture together to share! Please forgive us!

As we take F.Y.I. forward I just want to encourage you all to live fearlessly and pursue your hopes and dreams despite the situation! Thanks for reading and if you haven’t done so already, please sign up to receive emails of our daily post! 

Fabulously Yours,

K.Marie & Dani C.

2 thoughts on “Blogalicious-The Movie

  1. Thanks for the luv F.Y.I.! Friday night was surely an eye opener for me as well. I was especially inspired by how all the bloggers there were so willing to share their success stories and apparent commaderie. It has really got me thinking about how much of an impact us women really have over marketing, branding, and social media. Afterall, a women does know best! 🙂 Let’s dominate this thing sistahs!

    Peace and blessings,

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