Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

So you saw the amazing after shots of the photo shoot now let’s take a look at the behind the scenes and the prep work that went into making the shoot such a success. 
We started working on the clothing and makeup for the photo shoot last year which started with a trip to the thrift store.  On our first trip we found two of  the most amazing dresses to use for the shoot.  They were such a bargain at $10 a piece and can we just say they  needed a lot of work but it was well worth it!  Check out the before pictures of both dresses!
As you can see, in the before shots the dresses were TOO big and extremely frumpy on Jalissa.  With the red dress, I (Dani C.) truly had a vision for this dress from the moment I saw it on the rack.  We worked with a seamstress to shorten the dress, remove the sleeves, and take the dress in to fit the model.  The after shots speak for itself, it was truly a transformation!!!    For the turquoise dress, I was really going for an 80’s glam look however once I pulled the accessories together the dress really took on a bohemian feel.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  All the accessories including shoes were pieced together using items from both Dani C. and K. Marie’s closet.  It is amazing how you can bring to life a vision using thrifted  items and things that you already have in your closet!!
Here are the behind the scene photos before we braved the cold for the photo shoot:
As you can see I just started to pile on the eyeshadow–dabbing it on layer upon layer until the color finally popped! I was using Daphne by Nars, one of my new favorite eyeshadow.   I based the eyeshadow with Fawntastic by MAC, not quite my favorite primer with this color but I made it work! This was just the beginning of all the makeup that I used. I am still waiting for the close up shots from the shoot. I will show you all the close-ups sometime next week. Hopefully you wont be tired of reading about the photo shoot by then, but of course I never grow tired of looking at makeup so I hope we are one in the same!
Fabulously Yours,
Dani C. & K. Marie

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