Embrace Your Flaws

Hello ladies and the few gents that read we are feeling good today and want to share our inspiritional thought with you all!   Besides if it wasn’t for our faithful readers F.Y.I. would not be here. 

Be yourself! Be who you are in life, don’t try to be a cheap counterfeit of someone else. We are a true testament to that statement, we have  never tried to be anyone other than who we are.  What you see is what you get with K. Marie and Dani C.   Yes being comfortable in your own skin is a journey in itself but there are a lot of people walking around with the imitation of life written on their forehead and they are lost in the sauce.   If you don’t do anything else in life, we encourage you to be the unique individual that God created you to be!! You will never be anyone’s second best when you realize the beauty and uniqueness of who you are!

Check out what we wore today—check out my gap and bushy hair—that’s me, uniquely made into perfection!  And check out Dani C.’s frizzy bush (which some would say is kinky) but she embraces what God gave her and wears it proudly! 


Black Sweater-Ross; Skirt-Thrifted, Tights-Target, Shoes-Red pumps, Coat-Target, Purse-F21



Dani C.’s Look: Houndstooth Coat – Target; Dress – Express, Thrifted; Tights – American Eagle; Shoes – Target; Belt – Thrifted; Scarf – ?

Dani C.’s Disclaimer: Please excuse the frown on tired look in some of the photos, it is cold outside and I am tired!

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