Fabulous Fitness Friday – Buddy System

For those who know me, by weeks end I am exhausted from the long work week and often times my fitness routine and healthy eating habits are thrown out the window for the weekend.  On the other hand, I have friends who are quite dedicated to the cause and can continue to eat healthy as well as workout on the weekend.  I guess I am not disciplined enough!!  Do some of you fit into that category?!?!  Well maybe we need to find a workout buddy to hold us accountable as well as keep us focused on accomplishing our fitness goals.  Studies show women who workout with a buddy are 40% more likely to stick with a fitness routine and meet their fitness goals. So ladies take the time to workout with a buddy, your chances of meeting your fitness goals are much higher.

For those ladies who set a goal to get healthy in the New Year but have yet to start or are unsure where to start, look into finding a friend to exercise with.  Something as simple as walking 1 hour a day with a buddy is a great start.  If walking is not enough, look into starting a mini boot camp with friends in your area or pick a house and pop in a fitness DVD.  On Demand also has a lot of great routines that are 30 – 60 minutes which can really whip you and a buddy into shape.  I know we all lead busy lives but I am quite sure we can commit to exercising 2-3 times a week with a buddy.   I will take 1 day a week just to get started! 

 Hey I can be your workout buddy, but I am not so sure you all will want that.  I am known to be pretty tough ; )  Until next time stay Fabulously Fit!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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