Fabulous Monday Makeover – Dani C.’s Mom

Happy Monday to all!  It was another great weekend and another great Fabulous Makeover.  This makeover was one of the hardest for me, however  it meant a lot because it’s my mom and she does so much for everyone else I really wanted to do something nice for her.  I realize she has great items in her closet (with tags on them might I add) to work with she just needed assistance with putting a great look together.  My focus was to give her a more stylish up-to-date look for work and for the weekend, however we were limited by shoe options and many of her pants needed to be altered because they are too long.  I always recommend  to individuals find a great seamstress and take the time to get your clothes altered to fit your body type.  When your clothes fit properly it presents a more clean and polished look.      

The day started with me organizing her closet, which was truly a mess before we got there.  My goal was to organize in a way that she can see everything she has by clothing type (i.e. pants, blazers, skirts, etc.) and color.  From there I had her choose an outfit that she would wear to work.  Take a look at the before look below!!

Before Looks:

This is a look my mom would wear to work.  I encouraged her to get rid of the shirt above, it is dated and makes her appear frumpy.  The pants are a staple piece to keep in your wardrobe however I showed her how to remix it in the pictures below. 

Another pair of basic brown slacks that we remixed to give her a more modern look.  As you can see her pants are to long and this is a perfect example of why it is important to have your clothes altered.  The pants make her appear bigger than what she truly is, my mom has a great figure and I want her to be proud in showing it off. 

Check out her new looks below!! 

 I focused on showing her how she can wear a look now during the winter months and how to tranisition these looks  into Spring. 

Check her out:


We had a tough time choosing a great casual look because of her limited shoe selection.  She doesn’t know this yet (I hope she is reading), we are going shoe shopping this weekend to complete her fabulous look.  I want to help her choose a stylish yet comfortable shoe that can be worn possibly to work as well as on the weekend. 

I really love every look that I put together for her and K. Marie showed her a great everyday makeup look.  I am so proud of my mom, she actually applied many of the techniques yesterday on her way to an event.  She is truly a stylish and great woman over 50!!!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover – Dani C.’s Mom

    • Girl you know it was an adventure but I definitely enjoyed it!! She has a lot of great things in her closet that I would even wear..shocking! I am proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone though…

  1. GOOOOOOOOOO Ahead Auntie, you are looking FYI….I know you guys did a great job with her closet. Imma need to go with you shopping this weekend. These photos are HOTTT!!!! Watch out now. I may get me a new uncle LMBO!!!!!

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