Another Edition of Makeup On A Budget

Last week I was super duper excited about a makeup steal I came across on my way to work! As you know the makeup junkie that I am I always check the beauty section in CVS to see if anything is on sale! And of course to my surprise everything was 50%  to 75% off! Not just anything but the L’oreal HIP Collection had 75% off on its pigments! First off those suckers are normally $11 or so and they were marked down for  more than half off! So of course I bought allllllllllllllllllll of them! Every color they had! I got them all for about $3 each. I also bought a few Cover Girl lip-glosses and a popping red Revlon gloss! And if you follow us on twitter I sent a tweet out letting everyone know about this amazing deal!  I also told Dani C. about it and to my surprise she bought a few actually all of the colors herself and has been playing in her makeup bag since!

Check out my pride and joys along with a new look created with my goodie bag of L’oreal treats!

L’oreal Pigments in Rebel(eyelid), Exciting(all over) and Intrepid (in outer corner of eye), Lipsgloss Revlon’s Firecracker, Wet & wild-Bronzer



 Now for a  fabulous girl that is just now starting to wear makeup–Dani C. looks amazing!

 Awww I am so proud!

Okay ladies it’s time to try a new makeup look!!

Fabulously Yours,

K.Marie & Dani C.

5 thoughts on “Another Edition of Makeup On A Budget

  1. I hate I missed the sale. ugh Oh well next time. I need new colors. What do you suggest for me? I have the basic browns I want to add more colors. I need a eye make-up makeover. Help!!!!

  2. i love how the drug store make-up looks just as good as the dept store make-up… it!! hopefully, that salesis still going on and hopefully in Atlanta too!

    • Hey doll! Actually the sale is going on until the items are gone!! So dont hesitate–go, go, go get some stuff! I know your love nail polish, they have all of that on sale too!!

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