Fabulous Fitness Friday – Benefits of Running

For many when you hear the word running, you cringe at the thought.  But studies have shown getting a good run in several times a week can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lose weight.  Check out some of the great facts I came across at Runners World:

Build Bone – Running strengthens bones better than other aerobic activities, say University of Missouri researchers who compared the bone density of runners and cyclists.

Think Fast –  People who run said they made fewer mistakes, concentrated better, and were more productive on the day they were active.

Stay Sharp – A study in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society reported that women who were active as teenagers were less likely to develop dementia later in life.

Sleep Tight – Insomniacs fell asleep in 17 minutes on days they ran, compared to 38 minutes on days they didn’t. They also slept for an extra hour on days they exercised.

Sneeze Less – People who exercise for an hour a day are 18 percent less likely to suffer upper-respiratory-tract infections than those who are inactive, according to a study from Sweden. Moderate activity boosts immunity.

Breath Easy – Researchers had asthmatics do two cardio workouts and one strength session a week. After three months, they reported less wheezing and shortness of breath.

To some it may seem like such a tedious task, however running offers many great health and well-being benefits that we should all consider.  Even if you are just starting a fitness regimen, start with a brisk walk and work your way up to a light jog.  Trust me your body will thank you later.   I know am looking forward to a break in the weather so I can hit the ground running.  I can feel a difference in my body when I do run and when I don’t, I just feel better overall and I hope you will too!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fitness Friday – Benefits of Running

  1. Ok, I know running is the best cardio to shed the love handles except I feel like when I run I’m doing it all wrong. Are there any secrets to running and developing stamina to run longer than 5 mins? …like, how should our foot land, and do the shoes really matter, etc. Any secret to running better and longer would help… I will try to run once the weather gets better.

    • The shoes that you wear and how your foot lands do play a major part in your ability to run longer and faster. I would recommend to anyone that you go to a running store to be properly fitted for running shoes. If it is a good store that specializes in shoes for runners, they will take the time to put you on a treadmill and watch how your foot plants as you run. Based on that they will recommend several shoe options that fit your needs and have you try on the shoe to see how they feel when you walk and run.

      Also to aid in running longer and better pace yourself and start slow. Focus on a walk/run routine and not how many miles you run. Here is a great article on how to get started and increase how long you run http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-380-381-386-678-0,00.html. Most people get discouraged and give up because they start out at a fast pace so they get winded and muscle aches early. Start at a slow pace as well as focus on inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth and trust me within a few weeks you will see an improvement. I hope this helps and good luck!!!

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