WANTED:Creative Energy

Every so often I go through these moments where I feel as though I have no creativity in anything. My makeup sucks and my style is wack! And then there is that one moment that resurrects all that is missing and it ignites a new passion and a better vision for all things creative. On this past Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a dynamic photo shoot with one of my own style icons Sabrina. She is a fabulous stylist, mother, wife and soon to be 40-year-old bombshell!  Can I say I had such an awesome time making her up and gazing into all the flashing lights and all. The running  joke of the day was that she was planning a “birthday wedding” because of all the details she is putting into her 40th bday bash! Well let me get to  the point and share some of the looks I did with her. And building a flower on her face is by far one of the most exciting creative things I have done and it totally got my mind turning again and my creative juices are back on the prowl for new and exciting makeup and style ideas! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I know I enjoyed working with Sabrina! I will show you all the final work when I get the final shots!

As mentioned in previous posts, style is a creative process and just like writers have writers block so do makeup artists and stylist! But there is always that ray of sunshine waiting to bring you back up and working with Sabrina was just that for me!

Fabulously Yours,


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