Closet Series – Purge

Every week I preach to individuals about the importance of having an organized working closet, so can someone please tell me how in the world did I let my closet get to this point!?!?!  It is in a total disarray, I am almost embarrassed to show you all what my closet looks like currently.  I can barely walk into the small closet to pick out an outfit; I am stepping on belts, shoes, and shoeboxes which has become quite frustrating.  So I have taken the vow to clean and organize my closet so bare with me, this is going to be an adventure. Let me put the disclaimer out there that this is going to be a work in progress. 

The first step in creating an organized closet is to go through everything and purge items that you don’t wear and will probably never wear again.  That also includes items damaged beyond repair and items you absolutely have no idea how they got in there.  I believe there is no need to hold on to items that you will never wear again, which are taking up unnecessary space in your closet.   Once you go through your closet always donate any unworn items to a worthy cause such as the Salvation Army and/or a family member or friend in need.  I always say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Someone may think your purged items are a great find.  Kendie Everyday has a great series on organizing your closet.  Check out her suggestions on Purging Your Closet.  I know you ladies will find some useful tips on her blog. 

So stay tuned for the after photos of the purge and the next step in the process which is assessing what you currently have and what you need to purchase…..

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

8 thoughts on “Closet Series – Purge

  1. Your closet is like my paycheck. When I had little money I made it work and now that I have more, it’s never enough. I have a little closet and it’s at the brim but if I had a walk in closet, it would probably be to the max as well. Enjoy your clean up adventure. God bless you!!! (Like you, I plan to live within my means!) KMS

  2. Dani C,
    Thanks for letting us peek into your closet. This is exactly why i love your site. It’s this sort of transparency that you and K. Marie have with your followers that make you so real. I can’t wait to see the transformation! And you can add me to your list of future closet make-overs!

    Peace and blessings,

    • We really appreciate you being a faithful reader! Let us know when you are ready for your Fabulous Makeover, let’s pick a day!!

  3. Shoe Dazzle Show Dazzle boxes everywhere, I can’t believe your closet looks like this LOL!!! I will be there soon to take those unwanted shoes and clothes off your hands. I can’t wait to see the new closet, I know it will be fabulous. Dee Dee

    • I know I am embarassed at how much I have been shopping at shoedazzle!! When are you coming to go through this stuff. I will gladly hand it over….lol!

    • Hey at least you took the time to read her tips, that is the first step. Now it is all about putting those suggestions into action.

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