Fabulous Makeover Monday Blues

Good morning and Happy Monday! As you can see we are having the Monday Blues! Dani C and her little one Karsyn are under the weather! Awww…all weekend they have been in the house trying to recover!

And my weekend was filled with so much family time that I too didn’t get a chance to take any fabulous photos,not to mention my camera has the blues and just totally stopped working! I did managed to color my hair and it totally looks a mess (pictures will be posted tomorrow), well it doesn’t look to bad but just wait until you see the color!!

Anyways, as we are having Monday Blues I just want to leave you with this quote that I absolutely love! It reminds me of how nervous we were about doing this blog. I hate taking pictures because I just feel like I look extra-large in every photo, so this quote is such an encouragement!

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try” – Dolly Parton

So whatever it is that you want to do and haven’t done–step out and just do it!

Here is a photo that I refused to post back in January because of my hair and everything else in the photo!


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Makeover Monday Blues

  1. Oh, Karen! Thanks for being brave. Thanks for the encouraging quote. You know we are so much more critical of ourselves than we really need to be. Even when you’re feeling “blue” you can’t help but radiate the beautiful you within. I hope my F.Y.I. Family a speedy recovery to good health.
    AND, I might add, the leggings are quite slimming. 😉

    Peace and blessings,

    • Thanks Lisa! You know I am all about the slimming effect!! LOL! It’s crazy how we can drive ourselves crazy about the dumbest flaws and in reality aint no body checking for us! Funny because I wish yall could see the looks on my face—I was like please take the picture before I run under that rock over there!! Thanks Lisa for reading!

    • Thanks Patty Cakes! Glad you like it! How is your hair holding up. I so should have shared Patty’s new hair do–she trusted me to style it for her!!

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