Spring Inspirations-Make-Up Trends

Hey lovely’s,

As you know Dani C. and I are so over the winter weather!! I cant help but to look ahead to Spring with great anticipation. I guess that’s the reason why I colored my hair. And yes my camera is still down but it will be back up next week and I will grace you with my presence once again!! Well until then–I wanted to share my favorite  make-up trend for Spring!

BOLD LIPS are a big trend for the spring. I already have seen blue and green lipstick which I am not sure I can even pull off. However BOLD LIPS have always been a make-up staple for me, I wear RUBY WOO by MAC and A GO-GO by Kat Von D.  And if your going to try the bold lips you must keep the eye make-up at a minimum–maybe just mascara and something light on the cheeks if you must!

But LIME CRIME sells the best bold lipstick at a great price and right now they are having a V-day sell! And Doe Deere is one of my favorite make-up artists, her creativity is amazing!

Check out my favorite LIME CRIME colors: Countessa Fluorescent and D’Lilac opaque lipstick!



Check out Doe Deere’s work! Isnt she amazing?!?



And guess what since I love LIME CRIME so much, we are giving a LIME CRIME lipstick away the week of February 21! Of course there will be a make-up challenge involved so look out for the info!!

Fabulously Yours,



5 thoughts on “Spring Inspirations-Make-Up Trends

  1. I love the models clothes and the things you two put together thanks its helping me be a more fly grandma yeah. Not that I was not fly before just more fly now.

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