Fabulous Fitness Friday – FATLESS CHALLENGE

I am really excited about this Fabulous Fitness Friday because it is apparent our readers are really serious about getting fit in 2011.  Our readers (thanks Leida and Shana)  have introduced a fitness challenge to motivate individuals to get fit.  Let’s face it we are all tired of Mr Fatty showing up in our closets rearing its ugly head.  And what better way to motivate individuals to get healthy than to compete for a cash prize, I know we all could use a little extra cash.   The guidelines are below:   


GOAL: lose 15 pounds by May 29th

 PRIZE: each contestant will throw down $50 – the winner walks away with the pot of gold ($150)!

 START DATE: contestants may start whenever they wish but not before Sunday, February 13th – the day all contestants get weighed together and in person. This date will NOT be changed for ANY reason. It is set.

 END DATE: contestants may end whenever they wish but no later than Sunday, May 29th – the day all contestants get weighed together and in person and the winner is determined. This date will NOT be changed for ANY reason. It is set.

 WINNER: the winner will be the contestant that has reached the goal of losing 15 pounds (or more or closer to the 15 pounds than the other contestants) by Sunday, May 29th. That same day the winner will walk away with the pot of gold.

 LOSERS: the losers are those that have not lost 15 pounds (or more or closer to the 15 pounds than the other contestants). The losers MUST give up the loot!

 TIE: all participating contestants may choose to walk away with their $50 (Even Steven), OR to make the challenge even more interesting, all contestants must agree to keep the challenge going for another 3 months and throw down another $50. In essence, after meet on May 29th, the challenge will continue on to August 29th for another 15 pounds and another $50 (the FINAL winner may walk away with $300 on August 29th and with a sexy body of 30 pounds less). ALL CONTESTANTS MUST AGREE TO CONTINUE THE CHALLENGE, IF ALL CONTESTANTS ARE TIED.

 ELIMINATED: it is up to the contestants discretion of how to lose weight however they see fit. Everything is fair; however, you will be automatically eliminated if you starve yourself, or if you get lipo or any type of surgery.

 NO PERSONAL TRAINERS! This is a challenge that YOU and only YOU must do and can do.

 All contestants will submit before and after pictures.

 ****If you think anyone else could benefit from this challenge please include them, they will be bound to all the rules with no exceptions, also they will need to be weighed on the same day IN PERSON.

 This is such an amazing challenge and I encourage you all to get involved or start one of your own with close family and friends.   Taking the challenge with friends and family allow you to hold each other accountable for your weight loss goals.  So who is up for the challenge?!?!  Leave a comment if you are interested in joining the FATLESS CHALLENGE. I am going to throw in an extra incentive, Fabulous You will provide the winner a FREE full makeover to go along with that cash prize! 

Good Luck and let the challenge begin!!!  Oh yeah did I forget to mention I will be tracking their progress on Fabulous Fitness Friday.

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

13 thoughts on “Fabulous Fitness Friday – FATLESS CHALLENGE

  1. What a fab idea! Plus it makes life so much easier when a bunch of friends are working towards a common goal. (Like karen, Leida, Shana and I calling each other at 4am to all meet at the gym before work. That lasted a good couple months too!)

    • Omgaaaaaaaaa Patricia those were good times! I used to love swimming in that pool and then meeting in the locker room to shower and then heading on to work!! Awwww those are great memories!! Smootches friend!

    • Hi Michellee, Have you weighed yourself yet? If so please email me your weight at fabulousyourit@gmail.com. This is an honesty challenge we all didnt get a chance to weigh in together so we are all trusting that we will do the right thing and not cheat on our weight! I am weighing in tonight and am embarrassed to even give mine but oh well—as if life and this fitness challenge! Let me know if you have any questions! Talk to you soon! Cant wait to see our results! Although your legs are thebomb.com!!

  2. I’m in. I will have my scale by tomorrow if that’s ok cause I have to take Jaida to a birthday party today that is from 4 to 6 and I don’t want to get back too late. Once I have the scale, I will jump on it and take a picture of my starting weight and email the pic or text the pic to you. I will also have someone take a before picture of me and then send that to you. Thank you for informing me about the challenge. Now it is time for me to whoop some behind and come get my money….lol.

    Love All Of Yall However Say GOODBYE to that 50 Dollars!!!!!

    Yours Truly


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