Love is in the air!

Hey lovely’s!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Dani C. and I celebrated with a few friends and family on Sunday. We had a blast, great food, great company and lots of love was in the air!! Check out some of our photos below! We also posted a group photo with some of the guests that came through. And don’t you just love my heart-shaped sunglasses! Also, check out Dani C. makeup–doesn’t it look FAB!?!?



 My cousin Jonice (white sweater) had me cracking up at a joke–that’s why I am cheesing so hard!!

Dolores and Karsyn! Dont you just love Dani C. smile!

 Silsa is a mother of 2-doesn’t she look amazing!

I know V-Day is over but love should always be in the air!

Fabulously Yours,

















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