Not Just On Special Occasions

Many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday, and its now  got me to thinking about what celebrating love is really about.  Knowing that love isn’t based on emotion but it now represents how you cherish and please your mate. Everyone that knows me knows I am an emotional person — I get sentimental with my bff’s, parents-everyone that I love .  I have started to tell everyone around me I love them more because life is too short and tomorrow is not promised — and I need everyone around me to know how much they truly mean to me.  I end most conversations with “I love you”.  Sometimes with a big heart comes disappointments when the love you give isn’t given back to you in the magnitude that it was given! But yet when you believe in love its easy to surrender to it! Valentines Day has come and gone and now everything is now 50 percent off. Don’t let your love for others wither with the items that didn’t make the cut this year! Love is an action from you to others–let love rock steady everyday and not just on special occasions!

We also wanted to post some outfit pics that we took last week but never got around to posting. 

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C. & K.Marie

5 thoughts on “Not Just On Special Occasions

    • Thanks Brittney our fellow remixer!! I love your energy on your blog!! And thanks for stoppying by and leaving us a comment!! Smootches!

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