Be inspired to BE YOU!

As Dani C. mentioned yesterday, starting a blog and maintaining it and also staying true to who you are can be a challenge but it also pushes you to discover things about yourself that was hidden before. The end of last year was a challenge for me, it was a transitional period in my life where I was finally becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. I mean don’t get me wrong I havent completely arrived but at least I am finally on the right playing field. I have learned to not only think with your heart but also your head.

I am always looking for inspirational quotes or even scriptures from the Bible that give me that extra encouragement that I need to keep me going. Here is my favorite quote of the moment along with some pictures of me over the weekend with my sister Crystal that was visiting from Kosovo-she left Monday morning and I wont see her again until this time next year!

“I have been in Sorrow’s kitchen and licked out all the pots, then I have stood on the peaky mountain wrapped in rainbows with a harp and a sword in my hands.”-Zora Neal Hurston
I love this quote its like okay you went through a hard time and maybe spent too much time in sorrow, depression or just a plain old pity party–okay get over it and CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN and wrap yourself in the promises of God and stand there in victory with your sword and get ready for battle–because in life there is always something you will have to overcome! Yall know I can dissect this quote and make an entire story out of it!! But for now I leave you with just a tad bit of what I got out of it and encourage you to find whatever inspires you in life and become all that you want to be!
It’s me the CHEESE machine! I think I am addicted to black lace and red lipstick!
Crystal AKA “MY BOSSER” and Dolores-my BFF cousin!
I totally bossed Dolores into hanging out with us–so I guess I was the “bosser” of the evening!



My entire outfit that I have on including the shoes cost me $30 bucks!! The skirt was $3 from Walmart it’s a skirt by Miss Tina and the top was $15.99 from Ross and the shoes were $11.99 another find from Ross!

And my make-up was quite simple, on my eyes I used: Seedy Pearl by MAC and Daphne by NARS and Ruby Woo by MAC on my lips. My goal this weekend was to do a makeup tutorial but it so hard to squeeze something like that in when you have family visiting from out-of-town!

Thanks for following our Blog and I hope you continue building with us! Smootches Loves!

Oh and I weigh in today for the challenge–can’t wait until I don’t have a double chin anymore–baaaaaaaahahahahahahah!!

Fabulously Yours,


2 thoughts on “Be inspired to BE YOU!

    • Hey Anji! I miss you too! We def. need to hook up! I was just thinking about our little mini trips we used to do! Lets make a plan!

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