We Are History Makers

As we come to the end of February, I want to recognize Black History Month; and in doing so I want to share a part of an article I read in Black Enterprise Magazine titled

“They Made History-And So Can You”.

“Knowing and appreciating our history is about more than celebrating the past for posterity’s sake. We must draw on Black History Month as inspiration for the present and hope for our future. Simply put, once you know how history was made, you can make it yourself, benefiting from the lessons and building on the accomplishments of those who came before you. Standing on the shoulders of giants enables you to lift your sights beyond self-limiting doubts,obstacles, and excuses to see what’s truly possible for you. This is of critical importance for those of you who will brave new frontiers as entrepreneurs and professionals in 2011”

Now this article is another gold nugget to add to my pot of golden wisdom!

We can create our own history and become a legacy in our own right! We have to be faithful in where we are and God will increase us and open up all the right doors but we must be consistent. And we have to believe that we are history makers and destined for greatness. We have to work hard everyday because it’s just a matter of time before that something special explodes into something so dynamic that we instantly become part of history!

 I as always encourage you to step out on all your hopes and dreams and create a history worth remembering and worth documenting even if it’s in your own book of life!

It was January, 15,2011 and Fabulous Your It braved the cold for a fabulous photo shoot and

“They Made History-And So Can You.”



Fabulously Yours,


3 thoughts on “We Are History Makers

    • Thanks so much Ana! I am in love with that blue dress–I wish I could squeeze into it but hey lets face it I would destroy it! LOL.

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