Give Away Your Inspiration

As I mentioned in Spring Inspirations-Make-up Trends we will be giving away a Lime Crime lipstick!  We are a bit late on the delivery of our 1st giveaway,it was supposed to be on February 21 but I guess better late than never! I understand that asking you all for a make-up look might be a bit ambitious this time around, instead I would love for you to share your favorite inspirational quote and a short blurb about how it inspired you!

Please inbox us your entry at with subject line: Fabulous Inspiration

All entries are due by March 7, 2011 and the winner will be announced on March 8, 2011! All entries will be shared but only one winner chosen!

In the spirit of inspiration check out what Michaela Angela Davis says about personal style.  She instantly inspires me with her words as well as her personal style!



Fabulously Yours,



2 thoughts on “Give Away Your Inspiration

  1. Kudos! Michaela Angela Davis is so precise. Ive never been disappointed when she speaks intelligently or from the heart. Not to mention a Duke Ellington Alum, like myself. S1he is indeed a great choice for personal style but often in the spotlight. When we are blessed to see her, she’s true to her own style and that’s what I appreciate the most.

    dig the blog btw, i’m super late but very impressed!!!

    • Hi Phil! Nice to hear from you on F.Y.I! Glad you enjoyed the feature on Michaela Angela Davis-she is amazing! And better late than never! Thanks for checking us out! Come back now ya hear!

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