Bonnie Morrison-Our Style Icon

Although Black History Month is over (which I believe we should celebrate all year long and not just one month) I really wanted to take time to highlight a minority woman leaving her mark on the fashion world.  She is not a super model or fashion designer, for those of you who have never heard of Bonnie Morrison, Fashion consultant, I suggest you take the time to look her up.  When she is not backstage working a show during New York fashion or developing a brand strategy for some of the top designers she can be seen sitting front row at all the big events.  She is such an amazing woman with such a strong sense of style.  And best of all she is a woman of color who is a very well-known socialite in the world of fashion.  When I come across a woman such as Bonnie Morrison who has followed her dreams and passion, it inspires me to keep pressing forward in accomplishing my goals. 

A quote by her:

“It’s great to aspire to a profession, and there’s always a demand for good,
smart people anywhere — but don’t aspire to a “lifestyle.” I have a good life,
but it probably looks very different in person. Everyone should aspire to the
life that authentically represents her — that’s the only way to be
happy..”–Bonnie Morrison

This quote really speaks to what I have been saying about being true to myself in everything I do.  I believe success will come if I stay true to the life that fully represents me Dani C. and continue to do what I love which we all know is fashion.   


Bonnie Morrison has such a classic, yet chic look that I love.  She knows how to find the unique vintage pieces which makes her stand out from so many in fashion which is why I LOVE her style!  Who do you look to for style inspiration?  Who or what inspires you to keep pressing toward your goals?

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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