Outfits: What I worked with this week!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost over people!! Toot toot! Here are my outfits for this week, well Monday-Wednesday! I was hoping to post todays outfit, which is my favorite but my photographer is super busy at work this morning and there is no time to sneak a few pics in! This has been a challenging week, I had to overcome the urge to eat chocolate cake and I had to battle my fitness partners with trash talking! I normally hate taking pictures because I look a little beastly at times but since we are doing The Fatless Fitness Challenge, I cant wait to see my transformation. The money pot for the challenge is now $300! My sister Crystal put in $100 in order to keep us motivated, isn’t she the sweetest thing! Dani C. will give you all our updates in Fabulous Fitness Friday tomorrow!

Well people enjoy every minute of everyday and don’t forget to say I love you to those dearest to your heart!



Fabulously Yours,


2 thoughts on “Outfits: What I worked with this week!

    • Thanks J’Ann! Cant wait to feature you on FYI! Natural hair is a great transition but it’s worth it and thanks for the idea–we will def. be offering some hair posts in April!

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