Fabulous Fitness Friday

Good morning lovey’s,

The week was off to a good start with our Fatless Challenge! The pot is now at a whopping $300 bucks!! OMG!!

We have officially all weighed in and some have lost weight and some have maintained and lost none! But the good news is we have created a great group of woman who are striving to be healthy, happy and fabulous and fit! We have been doing a lot of trash talking but all in all we are encouraging and sharing our success with each other. We created little names for ourselves on My Fitness Pal where we track our calorie intake and comment on each others walls. It’s actually a lot of fun! We have even set up little personal profiles. And I couldn’t write this post without sharing our names and a funny profile that I love!

Here are our names: LM721, Fabulousitat40,itsfatfattybyotch,heavychevy195 and itsadamnshame216.

I love  itsfatfattybyotch’s profile, its hilarious! Check it out:

About Me

Ummmmm I’m fat and Im over it. I love cookies and cake and candy and doughnuts and rice crispy treats and funnel cake and ice cream and bagels and yeast rolls and sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese…I bet all u fat fatties are real hungry now! HAHAHAHA!

Why I Want To Get In Shape

I don’t want the kids to say, “Hey look everybody!, theres a FAT mom! she’s so fat!” HAHAHAHAHA! Being fat sucks and is not hot…its the hot not! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Inspirations

  • Not being fat
  • Looking HOT instead of hot NOT!
  • I want to wear a strapless dress

That is hilarious–isn’t it?

Well if you haven’t already started living healthy or exercising or whatever it’s never to late to start!

Fabulously Yours,


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