Give Away Your Inspiration WINNER

Well here it is our 1st F.Y.I Make-Up Giveaway! Angela Parker submitted her inspirational quote, along with a few others but as I mentioned only one winner would be chosen!

I love that Angie is inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons the MOTHER of Fabulosity!

“A woman may be a mother, sister, business woman, or she may own a business. Women do many things and it is important that we do them with style and grace.” -KIMORA

Angie’s spin on it:
                “I believe that having a polished and stylish presentation is possible for ALL women, regardless of income or how busy you might be.  Kimora calls it “fabulousity” and it’s a strong proponent of doing EVERYTHING in stilettos.  I call it being “cute” and I happen to think it can be done in ANY shoe (that isn’t raggedy, beat up, or stank!) LOL Either way, it is important to turn your female SWAG on and deliver it every day!”-Angela Parker

“Get up out the bed–get my swaaaaaaag on…..” Okay you cant talk about swag without putting that line in there!!

I love how she mentioned that you can be fabulous with any income! It’s all about turning that swag on and delivering the fabulous you everyday!

Thanks Angie and I hope you enjoy your Lime Crime lipstick!

Angie is really working her make-up! Get your swag on!

How do you get your swag on? Drop me a line and let me know! 

Fabulously Your’s,



4 thoughts on “Give Away Your Inspiration WINNER

  1. Great pictures and what a fun time on Saturday and we learned a lot about eye shadows and how to apply it. You were a great teacher even though I didn’t get the smoky eye right lol that was fun trying it.

  2. count me in on the next makeup party, and I will bring a friend next time!!! Love you cuzzo! And thanks for smoothing over the fact that black people don’t have black eye brows!!! Classic!! I know you were holding that in for a long time! Lol!!! I know you thru this party so that you could tell me!!! Lol!!! Having Dee cosigning….we had a ball. Nevertheless, I learned alot. Went straight walmart and bought some brown eye brow powder!! Hahahahehee!!

    • Sharon! Your so funny! And I love you too! I love how you totally embraced the new eyebrow look! I love it! And Dee was hilarious on the cosign–we had a great time! I cant wait to do it again with you ladies and your friends! You know the Aunts have put a request in already!! I am going to let my mother teach them her version of the smokey eye!! Baaaaaaaaaahahahahahah!!! Love ya!

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