Fabulous Monday Makeover

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as Dani C. and I did! Can I just say we had the busiest Saturday to date!

Friday I realized that I by accident double booked us for a Hair photo shoot (9am-4pm) and a make-up application(3pm) and because of the amount of work and time needed for both, I literally had to leave one early and go directly to the next. My mind was racing so bad on Friday because I wasn’t prepared at all to do both on the same day, I actually left work early in order to get my mind right.

Saturday morning came around so fast but I was ready to take on the busiest day of FYI!  The 1st photo shoot was for a hairstylist that is building her portfolio and had 11 models including me and Dani C.  We started working at the hairstylist house and then had to pack up and move to the photo shoot location which was outside in Alexandria, Va right on the water! Yall know it’s not summer yet so I literally had to work in the cold, blowing wind. My fingers were freezing but none the less when you’re in the moment there is no time to think or complain! I will say that Dani C. and I really worked as a team, as I applied make-up she made sure my station was fully stocked and ready to go for each make-up application and occasionally she would ask–do you need my makeup, that was our running joke-yall that follow FYI know that she just started wearing makeup in January! We finished up at 1:45 and I had to rush off in order to make it to the next job.

Dani C. was on it on Saturday snapping pictures to share with you guys!


Dani C.




See how the wind is blowing her hair!


I will post more pictures after I get them back from the photographer! And later on this week we will share the second part of Saturday!

Fabulously Yours,

K.Marie & Dani C.

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