Fabulous Monday Makeover-The Make-Up Party

Hey loves!

On Saturday I had a fun-filled Make-Up Party! This is something new that I am trying out and I wanted to do a trial run of it just to get a feel for it. Of course as always my family came through for me and came eager to learn about how to apply certain make-up looks! I also gave them a few of my favorite tips and provided them with some take home information!  I started the Saturday out shopping with my BFF for some cute little things to add to the FYI Make-Up fun! When I finally had everything set up I had my mom take some pictures of me–boy oh boy was that a challenge but it made for more great memories to add to a fabulous day!






The Make-Up Table and FYI Informational Packet


This fabulous cup is were guest put their information cards. The fabulous dress below is where I hung my favors!

And a party isn’t complete without cupcakes!! I loved these napkins!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! The next time I have a make-up party I will be sure to invite you! And the only thing missing-I wasn’t able to take any photos of my guest!! They were awesome!

Fabulously Yours,






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