Racetrack Adventures with Salem the Rock Star

It was the first day of Spring and Salem was eager to get an early start on the racetracks of Mason Dixon Raceway! So she headed out the door in style! Okay so the bag doesn’t have a mind of her own and doesn’t really have any adventures to speak of! But I on the other hand do!

I have never been to a racetrack until this past Sunday when I was invited out with a friend to Mason Dixon Raceway! Can I say that I had a blast! I mean I took plenty of pictures of Salem and bikes and vintage cars but none of myself-except for the one of me in the lady’s room mirror waving! Next time I go I will be sure to really do it up! I have already started looking for a biker chic look so that I can really feel like a super rock star amongst all those baaaaaaaaaaaaad to the bone motorcycles!

This is the biker chic look I am going for the next time I go the racetracks:

Skirt-Faith21 – ON SALE FOR $12.99  paired with one of these shirts from Faith 21

And here is Salem-having fun, posing for the camera! Work it girl!

(She felt so at home around all those motorcycles and vintage cars)

And of course here are my favorite pics from the day!

 Check out those bikes and that NOVA is thebomb.com!!

So anyways this post is one of many to come from different biker events I plan on attending over the summer! I really enjoyed my stay at the Mason Dixon Raceway!!

Next time I will be sure to take some pictures of myself, especially since I plan on wearing a new biker girl outfit!!

Zoom! Zoom!



One thought on “Racetrack Adventures with Salem the Rock Star

  1. Ummm karen, I’m mad that you had a photosesh of just your purse and gave it a name! Lololol! I love your biker chic look you’re going for. I love doing rocker chic with my mini leather skirt when I go to a rock concert!

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