Okay so this past week I spent some time in Sephora and the MAC store in Friendship Heights! And I had to call in my “YOU BETTER NOT BUY THAT” friend! But she got there too late after I had already O.D. on make-up! I mean dang there was so much awesomeness  those stores that I got mesmerized and I suddenly became dazed and zombie like and I didn’t snap out of it until I made a purchase! I not only bought make-up from both spots I also  splurged on the cutest Harajuku Lovers make-up bags at Sephora!

I couldn’t resist that bright yellow bag with the girl with the afro puffs!

Gwen Stefani FINALLY added me to the group!

Gwen Stefani EDT Spray .33 oz (189033)Sunshine Cuties Bag Collection Makeup Girls Bag Collection


Also, you can create your own Harajuku Doll at www.harajukulovers.com

  I also bought this make-up kit by tokidoki! It’s on sale at Sephora for $39! And the color resolution is ah-mazing! You don’t need any primer under these colors! The packaging is super cute and kind of weird at the same time! Be sure to read the story about how tokidoki came about and watch the little video too!

Robbery Palette ($140 Value)

I did get a few more things that I will share later on!

 But for now I leave you with this quote:

“Beauty has a lot to do with character.”-Kevin Aucoin 
Fabulously Yours,

4 thoughts on “DAZED AND ZOMBIE LIKE

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