Color Blocking!!

If you’re  like me and have been all over fashion blogs and magazines I am sure you know all about COLOR BLOCKING! It’s something I have been PRESSED to try! And on Sunday I was a little pressed for time and had to think fast on my feet and just like that I came up with this outfit!


I wore my ASOS dress (worn here) as a shirt with my ASOS red pencil skirt, the belt I have had for years, polka dot stockings from The Avenue and Madden Girl Peep Toe pumps and my hand bag is thrifted.

The solid colors that my BFF Silsa and I have on are perfect for color blocking together!

Here are a few tips from B. Jones Style on color blocking and the outfit she wore in this post I actually have on my inspirational board!

“Color blocking is easy! Find a few pieces in your wardrobe that are all solid colors.. start pairing them together in fun and creative ways. They can be all shades of the same color family (a few tones of brown or red) or they can be a mix of crazy colors.”

I hope you all find color blocking as fun as I do! Life is all about taking chances so please take a chance and play around with some solid colors!

Fabulously Yours,


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