Fabulous Fitness Friday – Vacation Fitness Tips

As you read this post, I am probably laid out on the beach just relaxing and of course fitness is the furthest thought from my mind.  However there are times when I go on vacation that I would like to keep up with my fitness routine.  So let me share a few of my tips on how to stay focused while vacationing:

  • Determine if the hotel in which you are staying has a fitness facility
  • Take the gym with you (i.e. resistance bands, they can be just as effective as free weights)
  • Use your bodyweight, push ups and sit ups are a perfect example
  • Get a massage (I always make it a point to visit the spa for a massage while on vacation, this allows me to come back home relaxed and stress free)

Many of us work hard to get in shape leading up to vacation in hopes of fitting into that favorite bathing suit or summer dress only to bust that fitness routine while on vacation.  I hope some of  the ideas above help you to stay on track while vacationing.

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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