Fabulous Monday Nail Makeover

Happy Monday! As you all know I moved last Friday. And can I say that by the end of the day Friday my nails looked a hot mess! And by Saturday morning I looked at my nails in disgust! So instead of unpacking the kitchen, I unpacked all my nail polish! As I was pulling out my nail polish I remembered that I bought Chic Prints by Sephora in black and white stripes along with Fabulously Fierce nail polish by OPI for Sephora and Hello Kitty’s Purple Sprinkles.

 So amongst all my boxes, clutter and trash I took a break and painted my nails and tried out my chic prints nail art! Later that morning my sister stopped by so I of course had to paint her nails and give her a nail makeover!

 Check our hands out!



 I looooooooooove the anchor on my thumb!


 My review on the Chic Prints by Sephora:

 It’s now Monday and my nail art is still holding strong! But be sure to use a crystal file or the tips of your nails will be rigid. Oh and smooth out the nail sticker so you won’t have nail bubbles! These prints cost me $15 bucks which is a little pricey so next time I will be trying out Sally Henson’s Salon Effect because I am sure it’s cheaper!

Have you tried any nail art? If so do share!

 Fabulously Yours,


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Nail Makeover

  1. Natalya’s nail art thing fell off that evening! Bahhaha! She was telling her teacher this morning that you did her nails.

  2. How cute! Try the Sally Hansen “finx” (fake minx), they are GREAT! They last a long time & are $5 cheaper 😉

    • I will so check the Sally Hensen’s out Jennifer! I mean $15 bucks was a little to pricey but I loooooooooooove black and white stripes! I guess I will go out in all this rain and head over to CVS-I cant resist great beauty products! I am a junkie!! LOL

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