Concert! What I Wore!

This past weekend I attended my very first true R and B concert! I am assuming Jill Scott and Erykah Badu don’t count in that category or Ledesi or do they? Hmmm….you tell me? But I do know it was the first concert I had ever attended at Constitution Hall that sold chicken dinners in the basement! I laughed so hard when I saw people gathered around white boxes of fried chicken and fries!

My girls told me to just wear jeans and a nice shirt but I wanted to get dolled up!

 So I wore this instead: My mini leopard dress as a shirt with my mini leopard skirt from ASOS, brown belt and my black pleather jacket from Target. I decided to go with a denim bag instead of black-just to break up the mixed prints a bit. I paired it with black tights and my fav black peep toe booties.

 My makeup:

I have to get in the habit of using the products I buy before I purchase new ones! I wore my Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette. I wore Dagger on my lids, Razor Gray in both outer and inner corners of my eye and blended into the crease and then I highlighted my brow bone with First Class. On my lips I wore Kat Von D lipstick in A Go-Go and to top it all off on my cheeks I had to go with Wet and Wilds Mega Glow in Starlight Bronze! Oh and white eyeliner on my lower lids and black liquid liner on the top!

A randomness thought of mine: I want an old school fringed coat-leather or suede! Any leads?




7 thoughts on “Concert! What I Wore!

  1. Who’d you see? I LOVE these prints together!!! and lastly, I am super mad your hair has lasted this long. I’m on hairstyle #3 since getting mine done!

  2. give me that outfit! and when Kennedy comes over she wants a photoshoot & a blog about her…..”thats what she said” LOL!

    • You can have it Estiban! And you know I looooooooooove me some Kennedy and Noah (coolest kid ever)! Tell Kennedy anytime!

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