Summers Dreams

I am home sick today! Yesterday was such a hard day, I was sick all day at work. I was taking Children’s Dimetapp because I thought it would make me less drowsy but that wasn’t the case. As soon as I got home from work I went straight to sleep and slept all night. I am still under the weather and not feeling 100%. I am waiting for my mom to come over and take care of me. She is coming with better medicine, soup and crackers. The weather has been up and down lately so it’s no shocker that I finally caught a cold that now has attached itself to my already out of control allergies!

Being sick and waiting for the weather to be one way is the pits but I cant help but to wait in excitement because summer will be here soon!

Summer comes and goes so fast  and this year I want to savor every moment of it. So this year I have decided to make a list of 50 things I have to do before the summer ends. I dont want to have any regrets or any missed summer nights dreams!

I am still coming up with 50 realistic things. But I have 22 things right now and I will share all 50 with you really soon!

Here is my list off 22:

1. Have dinner outside at least 2 nights during the week with lanterns.

2. Plant my garden and take care of it so I can reap the benefits.

3. Take a real vacation. (Vegas Baby-August 4-7)

4. Go to 3 Screen on the Green (National Mall-Mondays starting July-August 8pm)

5. Have a “Sunday Floral’s in the Park” picnic with my friends.

6. Take 2 wellness walks during lunch time each week.

7. Enjoy 1 picnic in the park a month with my dream picnic basket (


Picnic Time Barrel St. Tropez Picnic Basket


8. Take an “Egypt on the Potomac Tour” in hopes of having one of the cutest guys in dc as my tour guide (I blush every time I see him)

9. Attend The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia.

10. Take a day trip to NY.

11. Start my garden tattoo on my upper back that’s full of butterflies and lady bugs!

12. Take my behind to church every Sunday (okay that has to happen like now)

13. Take a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Washington at least 2 times.

14. Have High Tea in hats at the Mayflower.

15. Start and finish a sewing project.

16. Find a summer mantra-and I think I like this one for my state of mind right now “A Girl can wait for the right man to come along but in the meantime that doesn’t mean she can’t have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones”-Cher

17. Celebrate my birthday during the summer–I can celebrate the fact that I was born whenever I want! DON’T BOSS ME!

18. Blend and create my own tea.

19. Have a great Spa Day that begins with lunch!

20. Spend a nice afternoon touring the National Geographic Museum alone.

21. Go stargazing and name a star after me.

22. Go camping with my camping crew!

I hope you, like me decide to make a list of all the things you want to do this summer! Savor every moment of warm weather and lazy fun filled days in the sun! And guess what-you have plenty of time to make your list of all the things you want to do for the summer. I cant wait to cross things off my list! And I will share more of my 50 things a little later on.

Well I am going to lay down now-being sick is a bummer so wish me a fast recovery! Oh and before I forget-check out Gala Darlings list of 50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer. She was my inspiration behind this post! I love her! Follow her blog-you will love it!

Fabulous While Sick,



11 thoughts on “Summers Dreams


    your list has inspired me. I am going to do “50 things to do this summer”. I will copy some of yours, I like the dinner w/ lanterns (if you find a good deal on lanterns let me know), Egypt on the Potomac tour, the roots picinic in philly, spa day (so wishing!), and def. CAMPING!!!

    love this post!

    • Awww thanks Leida! And yes I have been searching for lanters–Etsy was a little pricey but I am going to keep looking. And if I find some at a great price I will pick some up from you! And you know yall are my CAMPING CREW!! I just looked at my tent last night!! And yes Make your list and do share!

      • So Miguel and I couldn’t even come up with 10 things! Bahahahha!

        Here’s our 9 list but it’s a working progress:
        1.Luray Caverns
        2.GA Aquarium
        3.Sesame Place (for the kid in us, bahha!)
        4.Calvert Cliffs
        6.Walk way over the Hudson
        8.Bike to Roosevelt Island
        9.National Harbor

  2. Sorry you’re under the weather! I went to get tix for The Roots picnic, but I didn’t want to pay the 85. You already know how I LOVE them, so I will likely still go. I will work on my 50 things after this wknd! Feel Better soon!

    • Anji Butterfly–well we are def. going to the picnic! We gots to! We must stick with the tradition of seeing Badu and the Roots every summer!

  3. MyKaren feel better you sound like me last week REST AND FLUIDS, Childrens Diametapp Really Karen SMH!!!!! Now you know better. You have inspired me to do the same I going to type a list as well. You go girl. You ROCK!!!! and FEEL BETTER.

    • Thanks Brenda! Girl you know I have since added a few more things–how about I add–TAKING A TRIP TO ATL TO SEE BRENDA!!! How bout it!!! Okay I just added it!

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