BAGS are a Girls Next Best Friend

I have fallen in love with purses all over again! A girl can never have enough purses in her closet and having a variety of styles and colors is a must have!

Last month as I  was browsing Etsy which always has a variety of unique finds, I came across J’Anns Boutique which sells vintage bags! I found a bag on her site that I loved and asked her to put it on hold for me for a couple of days in which she did! She is located in Canada and the turn around for the bag didn’t take long at all. After talking with her I found out that she has a blog called Confessions of a Purse-a-holic  and also was in the process of opening up an online boutique called A Girl’s Next Best Friend. Isn’t that awesome! Well her store is open and I just had to share it with you! I have all ready peeped a few things I just might have to snag up from her!

Here is the new edition to my closet-A Vintage Beige Wooden Handle Snake Skin Trim Satchel/Shoulder Bag. I love it! Isn’t it so cute?!?!

And here is my wish list from A Girls Next Best Friend


This is a messenger/clutch bag! I looooooooooooove that I can wear it around my body and as a clutch! It comes in black as well but you know me and red are best buddies! I love the heavy metal–it’s so ROCKSTAR!

I love how my style can be so night and day! Really who says you have to be one way or the other! Personal style is all about self expression-So express yourself gotta be you and only you baby!! A little homage to Salt N Pepa’s Express Yourself. And you cant talk about being a Bag Lady without remembering Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady. I put this song in here but PLEASE DONT BE THIS KIND OF BAG LADY!! LOL

Enjoy the tunes! Oh and I am feeling better loves and thanks for the prayers and the feel betters!

Fabulously Yours,


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