Fabulous Monday Makeover Presents Sabrina in Wonderland



Once upon a time there was a shoe that  just was a shoe-you see!

Until it so graciously shined its sparkly light and hearts delight upon a Wonderland that shined so bright of glitter ignite with dreams delight.

Because there lived a girl who dreamed her heart may beam-You See!

Who wrote riddles to rhymes with no sense of time to unwind.

So she pressed rewind to find the time to shine.

Okay, okay, fine! I will stop with the silly riddles and trying to rhyme. So the week before last “The Fashionista Sabrina” sent me a picture of Rachel Roy’s Kimmi Pumps because it reminded her of me! Well you know it had to be  the red glitter platform.  When I saw the shoe I got so excited and we both decided that we had to get together for some girl fun!  She brought over tons of outfits and jewelry and I of course pulled out the makeup and camera and it was on!

Sabrina came up with the idea to put a red heart on her top lip! It worked in most of the pictures but started to fade a bit towards the end. I used my TokiDoki’s Ninja Dog Eyeshadow and Kat Von D’s Dagger and First Class Eyeshadow and on her lips I used Mac’s Colbot Eyeshadow and some clear lip gloss and for the heart I used Underage Red by Kat Von D. As for her blush I used TokiDoki’s Momobella.  And to top it all off I used Make-Up Forever’s Moulin Rouge Lashes! Aren’t they cute!

We began with twirls and twirls and twirls!




It’s the end-You See!

Fabulously Yours,


8 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover Presents Sabrina in Wonderland

  1. WOW!!! They could use her and her makeup artist at Montgomery Mall next weekend. They’re having a Fashion good time over there. Last weekend we enjoyed a makeover, fashion show and great lunch (me and my friend of FORTY-NINE years). Did she click her heels three times? AK

  2. Super cute! The 2nd pic in the red dress reminds me so much of you (the pose). My fave shot is the profile shot, and fave outfits is the jeans.

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