An Urban Turbalance

As some of you may know TURBANS are so in this Spring! And I don’t know about you but I have been a bit up in the air about rocking one. I mean I do have natural hair and trying to tackle it underneath something seems almost impossible. Plus walking around with a scarf on your head can sometimes put you in the category of “ghetto” but there is a way to do it. You can make it an “Urban Turban” without making yourself look to crazy! I came up with 1 way to wear the look with natural hair! And I used a scarf that I bought at Eastern Market last summer for $1!

And of course I created a makeup look with another one of my  Tokidoki palettes that came in my set that I talked about here.

My makeup look: On the outer and inner lids Tokidoki shadows in Liberty and Bullets, Rule (orange color) by Mac on the lid and as eyeliner I used Tokidoki La Gun and Palpettina on my cheeks. On my lips I used Macs Velvet Teddy Lipstick and Astro Cool Lipglass.

Check out my TURBANLANCE!

Fabulously Caught in a TURBANLANCE,


P.S. Would you try the turban look? If so tweet or email me a pic!

8 thoughts on “An Urban Turbalance

    • Anytime! I would love to help you with some fresh looks for spring! Ask my mom about her smokey eye! LOL

  1. Wow Karen that’s gorgeous girl. I LOVE IT, moreover, I ADORE THE 6 COLORS YOU HAVE ON YOUR EYES. I may have missed it, but what kind of make up do you use? Are there particulars or what? And, if you’ve done something for facial skin care, I need it.

    More more, encore encore.

    • Hi Krissy Gritts (cute)! I use all kinds of makeup. I will email you a list of make-up products and skin care tips that I live by! To much to type in this little window!! Thanks for the encore! Your the best! I see your blog-I will def subscribe! Love ya doll!

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