Fabulous Fitness Friday – FATLESS Challenge Update

Well ladies we are a month and half into the FATLESS challenge and I am dying to know how everyone is progressing!!  For those unfamiliar with the challenge you can check out the rules here.

 We have a few weeks until the competition ends, therefore it is important to assess where you are in the process.  This is the time to ask the important questions — Are you on target to meet your weight loss goals?  Has it been a struggle to shed the weight and/or stick to a healthy diet and fitness routine?  If you are not seeing the results that you expected I would recommend that you refocus and make any necessary changes — to diet, exercise, time, etc.   

I understand it is a competition to see who loses the most weight, however it is also very important to continue to hold one another accountable and motivate each other to live a healthy lifestyle. So ladies spill it, what are you doing to meet your goals?!?!  

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.  

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fitness Friday – FATLESS Challenge Update

  1. I have a sister in The Lord who recently shed 50 – 100 pounds by totally cutting out flour and sugar from her diet. That is drastic but it does work especially since a lot of us may be allergic to those products and not know it. A little bit of sugar may cause one to over indulge by virtue of allergy. Even if you cannot totally go cold turkey, eating a lot of salads with grilled meat, fruits and vegetables, boiled egg instead of scrambled or friend can go a long way to help with our weight loss goals. That’s my plan. PK

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