Fabulous Monday Makeover

Well dolls, this weekend I made over myself. As the seasons change and the earth is making over itself, you cant help but to  make some type of change. It can be a spiritual makeover or just that of your appearance, none the less it’s important to transition and reinvent yourself. So this past weekend I change my hair color and tried a new hair style that I have never tried before. I got my hair rodded and colored a shade of red. I actually wanted it brighter and will have to go back next month to get it lightened. I spent about 4 hours in the salon, the laughter and the over the top conversations that take place make it so worth it! Funny thing is I ran into my sister old high school friend that still calls me “Little Karen”. I was like ummmmmmm I am grown now–love how we have to sometimes convince others that you are no longer that little girl but that you are involved in big girl things. Too funny! 

 I snapped some pictures of my hair this morning, along with what I am wearing today. I actually feel like my outfit should be titled “Terrible Monday Makeover”. My top is actually a dress but when I got to work I just felt like it was to short and luckily I keep a spare skirt at my desk, so I just put that on top of it and bam!

 I am still getting used to my hair being small and neat, I am used to it being big and wild!

 But like I mentioned there is always NEED for change!


  My coworker keeps calling me Rihanna until I told him I was offended! I mean who wants to be compared to a pop star! I totally didn’t choose this style with her in mind. 

Do any of you plan on changing your hair color or style for spring/summer? Oh and if you were wondering I got this fresh new color and style done over at Hair Beyond in Silver Spring, MD by Amanda-she is super sweet!! Check her out!

Fabulously Yours,


9 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover

  1. Love it, looks great on you. How long does a style like this usually lasts?

    @rihanna, one brave summer about hmmm 6 years ago? I chopped my hair into a neat little bob with blunt bangs. Did not count on my round face and roll back eyelids to give this look an Asian twist, everyone (family and friends) kept calling me “Ms. Chin” (so not funny) and everywhere I went Asian women would be starting at me awkwardly. Lets just say that bob and bangs were grown out and never reshaped lol.

    • Hey J’ann! Awwww@ Ms. Chin! I can only imagine the looks you were getting but the style sounds cute! I have no idea how long this will last. I hope it lasts at least 3 weeks! I do know that eventually I will pin it up on the sides and change it up a bit. I plan on making it work into several different looks! I guess I can tweet some pics when I change it up!

  2. Yeah this is a new look for you indeed-and it is super dark. Who but you keeps spare CLOTHES at work!! LOL I love it. I need a new look, but I am still debating. I was thinking of going SUPER BLONDE, but that seems to be the current trend. If it is one thing I am NOT it is TRENDY! I may get scissor happy instead of or in addition to a color. Does Amanda specialize in natural hair? I want a cut that will allow me to wear my curls out, but I need a stylist.

    • Girl apparently this color is trendy and you know I so was not going for trendy at all! EWWWWWWWW! But hey I just wanted something red! I am going brighter, this wasnt my original thought-I want it to POP ALOT more-so next month it will be lighter for sure. I want something FUNKY! But none the less I love my new look. As for blonde on you–I think you should try it-be daring! YOu have nothing to loose–you can always color over top of it. Amanda has natural hair but she doesnt only do natural hair. I would suggest NaKletic Hair Gallary in B’more-Donne goes there and they def. specialize in natural hair and could give you the right cut. If interested let me know I can get the info from her!

  3. A day late, but hey — I love your new look!! The versatility of your hairstyles is SO GREAT!! LMBO @ your spare skirt — you made it work though 🙂

    • Trust me I am trying to figure out how to make it back there!! It was ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaazing! We can put something together!

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