Tuesday Inspiration

I am having that moment where I feel  my heart shift—it’s shifting in the right direction, it’s amazing how one small change in your atmosphere can move your spirit, your soul and your heart. It amazes me at how the beauty of the earth that God created can lift me to another place. One thing I will never forget about my time at Aveda was the fact that everyday we had WELLNESS…someone would share something that was beneficial to your soul or spirit, something beneficial to your life and we would often times take a WELLNESS walk. Everyday I try to do that, I try to look out the window and enjoy the trees and pay closer attention to the birds chirping in the morning or I try to admire the sun in the sky and the clouds above. It sounds weird but trust me when you just take a look at the beauty around you it connects you to that supernatural life that only God can show you and it renews your spirit, your heart, your soul and your mind.

 Well this past weekend I had such a great experience. I attended a beautiful wedding of two people joining their lives together again to become one in the eyes of God. Me and my family headed to Bethany Beach for the wedding and stayed in a wonderful beach house—it was amazing. The atmosphere was so peaceful and there was so much love and joy there. It was so lifting to my spirit. The house sat right on the beach and although Saturday it was to cold and to windy to have the ceremony outside, Sunday it was gorgeous out and that morning I enjoyed a NICE stare at the ocean, the waves were big and just beautiful and standing there listening to the waves hit the shore and the birds flying above and the sun just sitting right in front of me totally moved me, it refreshed me. It’s like everything that I was worrying about I just let it go in the ocean and I allowed the waves to just carry it away.

 Even if you can’t have a perfect view of the ocean, the sun shines everyday, the birds sing us melodies every morning and the trees are blooming, and every morning God renews His mercies towards us. Enjoy the beauty of the Spring and take a welness walk! Celebrate every new day with a smile-even if you have to look yourself in the mirror and say “ I am worth it”.

I hope you are inspired to  pay attention to the little things in life and become a fabulous you!

Here a few more pictures of the beach house!

The amazing house we stayed in!
There were many inspirations around the house!

I loved this!


And please take a wellness walk this week or pay attention to the little things in life!

Fabulously Yours,








6 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration

    • God really is awesome! He created a beautiful world and sometimes we get so caught up but just taking a moment to smell the flowers and feel the breeze makes all the difference! Love you!

  1. LOVE this! We are often so hurried we don’t really care for ourselves. We pacify ourselves with TV, Coffee, Food, Shopping, etc but we rarely take time to nurture what’s in us that needs attention. A wellness walk sounds AWESOME. I will work on doing at least 3 a week.

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