FYI’s Most Important Tips on Style

There is a thing called personal style and borrowed style. And guess what both are just as cool as the other. I mean everyone wants to know how to develop their own personal style and then there are those that mimic exactly what they see in fashion magazines or what the girl next to them on the train has on. Some of us stick to what’s hot for the moment, you know those FADS that come and go like the wind. But the problem with that is buying to  many FADS  leave your wardrobe outdated and many times the FAD of the moment is something that just isn’t flattering to your body type but yet you give in to the latest and greatest fashion trend of the moment and you look as foolish as the next girl trying to carry a look that wasnt made with you in mind!

I can almost say that every fad looks terrible on me and instead of walking around looking foolish I develop my own personal style. Those that knew me growing up know that I did just about everything with my style but it was all my own. Sometimes I was a little extreme with shaving my hair off in the 9th grade and coloring it blonde but hey I was expressing myself. Personal Style is just that-personal. And if your stuck in a style rut, grab some fashion magazines and rip pages out of things that inspire you and create a personal inspiration board. And if you like certain things like skirts over pants or pants over skirts-that’s cool to, it just means that that’s your own personal style. Now don’t get me wrong, walking around looking sloppy and not well put together doesn’t count for  style unless your personal style is that of looking a HOT MESS!

FYI’s Most Important Tips on Developing Personal Style:

1. Be yourself

2. Believe in yourself.

3. Love yourself.

And here I am today, just being me!



Personal Style is knowing who you are, transitioning when it’s needed and just having the freedom to just BE!

Fabulously Yours,


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