Love What You Do!


ask nubby advice


I came across this picture as I was doing my daily blog tour! Nubby Twiglet had it up on her site yesterday and I absolutely love it!

Last year I began the journey of doing what I love-make-up, skin care, fashion! Just being my very own creative self with no apologies! I think when I turned 30 I  really began to look at my life and I realized that I was working everyday at someone else vision and mine was in a box in a corner with dust on top of it! You know me I am all about encouraging and trying to inspire those around me-so today I want to tell you:


Blogging  has birthed a greater desire in my heart to follow hard after my dreams.

You don’t want to wake up one day with a bunch of “Should of’s  or could of”s”.

I am up late nights writing FYI or coming up with a GREAT MASTER PLAN (I have many). I dream big and sometimes it’s so unrealistic but in all honesty sometimes you have to be!

Today is short and sweet-I have no outfit posts or make-up posts but all in all-I have my words and hopefully these words paint passion across your heart!

If your interested in blogging I am attending  Bring Your Inner Child Blogalicious DC Meet Up Networking Event next Thursday!

And they are also having A Blogalicious Conference here in DC!

I love attending their events because it’s so diverse and the encouragement and knowledge is tremendously helpful in my quest of : AT ALL COSTS I MUST LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Fabulously Yours,





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