Fabulous Fitness Friday – Most Common Fitness Mistakes

I came across this really great article yesterday in Men’s Health “The 5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes” that I thought would be great to share with you all.  As a trainer I have found that these same mistakes are more common than people think, individuals want to lose weight or get in shape yet don’t want to take the necessary steps to make it happen.  It is so hard to take the road less traveled and properly lose the weight, so many are looking for quick results which lead to the following mistakes being made:

  1. Don’t lift weights – Of course cardio is the way to lose weight or unwanted fat,  however weightlifting  boosts your metabolism and  as you turn that fat into muscle during each workout you will burn more calories, thus creating a more lean, toned body. 
  2. Using the incorrect weight – Many women are guilty of this in fear of looking “mannish”.  You should pick a weight in which you feel your more muscles are being challenged, on the last few reps of each set  you should feel the burn. 
  3. Lack of lower body workouts – Many don’t realize most of your strength comes from your core which includes the lower body.  It is important to work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings — which are  larger muscles than your upper body because those muscles again will burn more calories for you. 
  4. Not watching what you eat – Oh this is a BIG ONE ladies!  You cannot, I repeat CANNOT expect to workout 3-4 times a week while continuing to eat fatty, processed foods, if so you will not see your desired results.
  5. Skipping workouts – I can attest I am famous for this one.  I will miss a week or two of exercise however, I always get back on the wagon and hit it hard when I do return to my workouts.  Besides I notice for me when I don’t workout my eating habits fall to the waste side on the other hand when I am focused I tend to be more conscious about what I put in my body. 

  I hope this helps some of you ladies to make any necessary changes in your life to ensure you are meeting your healthy lifestyle goals!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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