I know I mentioned before that I totally need to start using the make-up I have instead of always buying new stuff! Well as you know I did break down and buy Sephora’s Lip Pencil this past weekend.  But I did pull out some make-up that was in need for the spotlight!! Also my hair is going through a rough phase this week with the heat! I feel like I am walking around with a helmet on but it didn’t stop me from trying a new Turban look.  I already know this will be my summer go to look, however I will for sure have to cornrow my hair down a bit to keep from overheating!

I created two looks by just changing out the Turban and the lipstick!

I love my eye make-up!  I cant wait to actually wear this look out this summer with a funky outfit! I have so many outfit ideas rolling through my head right now! So stay tuned for new outfit and make-up posts in May but until then here are the products I used:

MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot (Base)
MAC’s Green Landscape Pigment (Eyelid and up towards the crease)
TokiDoki’s Soya (Crease)
MAC’s Humid Eyeshadow (Eyeliner)
Lipsticks:  NYC-Big Apple Spice &  Kat Von D-Underage Red
MAC Blush-Unknown
I love polka dots!


 LOOK #2

I just like this picture!


 Ebony’s  June issue has a Turban Tutorial that I clearly didn’t follow but I love each look and someday I will try them all out-just for fun!

I need to figure out a way to wear one to work!

Hmmmm…..how can I wear one of these looks to work?

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “TAKE ONE, TAKE TWO

  1. I would imagine you could pull off either style of turban at work. Depends on the outfit and whether it is a casual day at work or not! I have to try this one day. I like it and I have TONS of make-up I need to be using (as you already know)!

    • Ummmm yeah I think your worst than me with make-up! We need to get together for a makeup bag party!! And just explore and have some fun with what we already have! MAKEUP BAG MAKEOVER!!! Oooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  2. I can’t rock that much makeup or the red lipstick but oh well I’m 55 years old and I would like the more natural look in makeup don’t want to attract too much attention from the men folk lol.

    • Mommy you actually wear the perfect shades of lipstick for your complexion….and that blush you wear is the bomb.com on you! MAC’s Format Blush is such a great staple in any makeup bag!

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