Fabulous Fitness Fridays

Hello! Hello! Hello! Is today Friday—ummm yes it is! HORAAAAAY! Jumping for joy! I am sure jumping burns a few calories! Hmmmmm….think on it and get back to me!

Well back to the real business of FITNESS! Let’s talk about YOGA!

I have taken Yoga in the past with my sister Shana and can I say that was a hilarious adventure that we will never forget! Prior to the class I realized that I forgot my water bottle and all I had were dimes and nickles for the machine. Well when we walked into the gym the class was about to begin and we didn’t want lose out on getting a spot for the class so I put my dimes and nickles in my bra and headed to class! I figured with all the cleavage aint no way that change had a chance of slipping out! WRONG! As the class started we began to bend and stretch and with every move I made I lost a dime or a nickel and as it fell from my chest one drop at a time-I was the center of attention! Can I just say that me and my sister couldn’t hold our laughter and it was a wrap! We left the class and just opted to work the treadmill instead! I was to embarrassed to ever return to that class!! So when I saw that Living Social had a deal for $15 for 15 classes of Yoga, I had to sign up!

I will be working it out at Buddha B Yoga on U Street!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I cant wait to begin, to try something new and just relax my mind and my spirit. Well I hope that’s what it will do in addition to giving me a work out. This is new to me but anything new brings excitement to my heart! And guess what if you missed this awesome deal DC YOGA WEEK IS COMING on May 15-21, 2011 !!!!  So be sure to try something different!

I cant wait to share my new adventures in Yoga with you!! Stay tuned!

Fabulously Yours,


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