Fabulous Monday Makeover-Budgets are Sexy

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! I surely did. I took some time out to start the process of MAKING OVER my closet, my finances and my life! My closet is still a work in progress but I promise to share the results with you really soon. My finances have gotten a bit out of control and I had to regroup and rework my budget! And my life of course is always moving about in many different directions!

So this Fabulous Monday Makeover I wanted to share with you a blog that Dani C. turned me on to last year BUDGETS ARE SEXY! This blog  is all about the MONEY, how to save it, how to invest it and mainly how to budget it.  He has this  spreadsheet that he uses for budgeting that is one of the best I have seen. It’s the one that I used in order to MAKEOVER my finances for the next 3 months. I wont bombard you with too much information about budgeting on Monday but if you want to be FABULOUS for LIFE then BUDGETS ARE SEXY!

I finally found a leather skirt at the thrift store for $9.98 over the weekend! I didn’t intend on buying anything but when I saw the skirt I had been looking for since October-I had to get it! At least it’s leather and cost me $9.98 and not $19.99 for the fake leather one from F21 that I was going to purchase!!


Also, Budgets are Sexy has a weekly challenge and this weeks challenge is to Wear all of the Clothes you still haven’t worn yet! I am so doing the challenge and I will be taking pictures everyday to share with you!

Also, I need to do another 30 for 30  again and really show yall how it’s done and that will really help get my finances straight!

Thanks for reading FYI daily and sticking  it out! We are growing and seeing that you all are reading is very encouraging! I love to love you guys!

Fabulously Yours,



4 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover-Budgets are Sexy

  1. As always, I am chock-full of ideas! After our weekend, and in light of the topic of BUDGETS, I think a quarterly or even a seasonal clothing swap would be HOT! We all have clothes in multiple sizes that we don’t wear any more, TONS of jewelry and shoes that we don’t wear. An exchange Girls Night Out style would be FUN!!

    • Great idea Anji! And we did just that on Saturday and that’s something that we do every time we are at each others houses. We need to do a clothes swap. I will email you today so we can get to planning! I love this idea!

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