Planning-In the Midnight Hour!

After reading Budgets Are Sexy’s weekly challenge I went home and literally pulled out items I haven’t worn in a while or haven’t worn at all! And can I say I ended up being up until after midnight. Not only was I sorting clothes in my closet but I was also baking cupcakes for work! Yes I created a holiday day called Cupcake Day and it’s today! My job joined in on my made up holiday and everyone is bringing in cupcakes!

Back to the post at hand.  I have planned  all my outfits, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. I started jotting things down in my Stylit. I was all into it, crossing things out, adding extra outfits and just having a blast all in the middle of the night! I hung everything up in my closet for easy access! Here is a picture of what I have on today and if you look closely you can see my meal plans! I can’t seem to shake the midnight bug! I took a picture of the clock on my cell phone–I get a boost of energy around 10pm everynight-it’s insane!



Oh so this morning I made a stop into Buddha B Yoga and meet Rexx one of the instructors! I start class on Friday at 7am!! I can’t wait!

Get to planning and pull out 7 items that you haven’t worn in a while! I feel  a remix brewing in my closet!!

Fabulously Yours,


7 thoughts on “Planning-In the Midnight Hour!

    • Howdy Sis Kathy! Yeah good thing-I am not eating at that time of night! But I am up being a busy body!

  1. I want to see the cupcakes! YUM, Yum give me some….NOT! LOL I don’t need any. I would be able to participate if I weren’t being a dater! LOL I am going to get my closet together before I leave for NC for sure.

  2. Great Job Karen, I need to do the something, I am talking about cup cake day. That sounds like a good plan. LETS DO IT.

    ok so i guess i need to plan my week tooooo for me and my lil man.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    ANCHIE NOT ANJI i want to see the cupcakes toooooo YUM!!!

    • Yeah Delores! WE can have whatever day we want! I wanted cupcake day! And trust me–I will be in the gym tonight or doing the yogi video ANJI not ANCHIE turned me on too! I cant wait! But cupcake day was a success!

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