Hey loves! It’s all rainy today but I cant help but think about the sunshine! Summer days are soon to come!

 Anyhoo! Next month I have been invited to a White & Blue Party in New York! I hate the way I look in white so I am going to wear cream and blue. I haven’t found a dress yet but I have a budget of  $25 to spend on a dress. PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!  But I did found the perfect pair of blue shoes. I saw these suckas early last month in Rainbow for $29.99 a little much for shoes from there but I couldn’t resist these babies-actually I did the day I saw them. But recently I returned some green linen pants I bought and they gave me a store credit, so of course I bought these!!

 Aren’t they beautiful?!?!?!

I would love to get a dress like this to wear to the party! These girls can dress! I love Olsen Anonymous! It’s one of my daily reads!

 Normally after it rains there is a rainbow in the sky! What will you find at the end of yours?

Fabulously Yours,


6 thoughts on “BLUE SHOES at the END of the RAINBOW

    • I hope I can find one too!! I would love to just make one or get one made–yeah my ideas are extreme these days!

  1. I despise heels and anything w/o a platform with a heel over 3.5in won’t be in my closet…EVER. So in my eyes, there is nothing better than a wedged heel… Great choice!

    • Well we are on the same track! I cant do anything over 3.5 in general and I am a new found lover in platforms–they are always comfy!!

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